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Looking for a new plastic front door? Of course at Schuco Frames Netherlands

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Schuco window frames Netherlands supplies and assembles the best plastic window frames at the lowest price.

Plastic window frames prices

One of the most frequently asked questions is "what do plastic window frames cost?
There are several factors that play a role in determining the final price of plastic window frames. Logically, the glass surface already has a major influence on the price. Think of rotating or moving parts, the location (above or below floor level), the brand of the chosen frame, and the way of mounting. 

Schuco window frames price

Because we deliver a top poduct, we demand the best way of placing from our mechanics. Precisely because we don't want you to lose any clear added value due to a wrong assembly, we guarantee a perfect assembly, and we deliver everything as it should be. We work according to the guidelines set by VKG Nederland so that we can issue the maximum guarantee without any problems.

How is it mounted?

Everything stands or falls with the assembly of plastic window frames. For example, a good profile that is badly mounted can insulate less than a less profile that is mounted excellently. In addition, aspects such as burglar resistance, the operation of the window frames at extreme temperatures and, of course, the durability of the window frames must be taken into account during installation.

Schuco frames Overijssel thinks of everything.

Of course, we take all of the above into account. Our mechanics know better than anyone how to assemble a plastic frame so that you have maximum certainty about your investment. In this way, our plastic window frames give you the maximum return for a guaranteed 20 years!

Schuco Plastic frames / font

Want to order plastic frames from Schuco? Now also for the private market very competitive prices including a perfectly executed assembly.
Schuco is the market leader in Europe when it comes to plastic window frames. Schuco window frames have the highest insulation values, thickest steel core and the best finishing systems. 

Plastic frames from Schuco never discolour. It is therefore not necessary to grease them to guarantee colourfastness.
 That is why Schuco window frames are actually maintenance-free. Add to that the fact that Schuco is produced in the most environmentally friendly way, and the choice is quickly made.
Ask for more information about Schuco plastic window frames and we will guarantee you the best price including installation.
Delivery throughout the Netherlands.
 Schuco window frames

In addition to plastic, Schuco also makes aluminium window frames. These are nowadays only produced for the business market. Plastic has taken the upper hand for private house renovation. 

The plastic line is referred to as "Corona". Different types of profiles can also be distinguished in the plastic window frames, and for the Netherlands the sunken profile is usually used.

Woodlook joint

New from Schuco is the woodlook joint. A straight (angled) joint instead of the traditional vertstek joint of the corner lines. This means that the last piece of plastic appearance has completely disappeared. Especially when a foil with a wood grain is pressed on these profiles.

We have realised various projects throughout the Netherlands

Would you also like to know more about our working method and assembly service? Then contact us quickly!

Schuco plastic window frames Netherlands

Ask for the prices of our plastic window frames assembly service and benefit from the advantages of Schuco.
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Schuco window frames

Get to know Schuco window frames in the Netherlands. It is not for nothing that Schuco is the number 1 plastic window frame brand in Europe. Maintenance-free for life.


Schuco invests a great deal of money in development and innovation in order to ensure a demonstrable added value for your home with your new window frames.

Environmentally friendly

Schuco window frames are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Plastic frames from Schuco must last 50 years.


What did we assemble? Here's a small selection of our recent work. Would you like to know where we have mounted in your area? Please contact us so we can send you an overview.

Front door own production

Door from our own production line

Schuco sliding doors anthracite

Beautiful sliding doors in modern colour

mounted Enschede

Superb finished delivery

assembly frames Enschede

This is how window frames should be mounted


What do our customers say about us? Here are some examples of satisfied customers.
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Alice and Mark
Alice and Mark
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We are super satisfied. Neat representative and super mechanics. All window frames were placed within 2 days
Blackbird Perch
Blackbird Perch
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By far the lowest price for new plastic frames from Schuco! And the result is more than perfect
Martin van Buiten
Martin van Buiten
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With us, the entire front has been replaced by new window frames. No comments or criticisms except that it is good
Sven and Karin Mulder
Sven and Karin Mulder
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My parents had already bought window frames here, so we also had them replace all the window frames. They all turned out to be very beautiful!
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I had requested several quotes, but the best feeling with this company. Everything has been placed as expected. Also, all junk was neatly cleaned up, so thank you guys!
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Windows, doors and frames

A window frame renovation involves quite a bit of work. Not every carpenter can install Schuco window frames correctly. Our assembly team knows exactly how to install your new window frames in order to achieve the maximum insulation values so that you can take maximum advantage of your new Schuco plastic frames.
Because we only work with experienced mechanics, we can give a 20 year warranty on all our delivered and installed plastic window frames.

Always competitive price

Schuco frames for every budget without compromising on quality. We work with a fixed low price guarantee so that you can be sure that you never pay too much.

Free advice

We work with experienced mechanics who give free advice at home. This enables us to assess each situation well in advance in order to give you the best price.

The best service

Even after assembly, you are still assured of the best service and warranty. For example, you receive a standard 20 year full-service warranty on all work.

Mounting of plastic window frames

Schuco plastic window frames

Of course, the quality of plastic window frames depends on the assembly. That is why we always install all window frames to be replaced exactly according to all the guidelines that apply at KOMO, VKG and Schuco.

In this way, we can be sure that you will achieve the best results from your new Schuco plastic window frames. Maximum return for the best price...!


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We supply plastic window frames in almost all of the Netherlands. Always including a perfectly executed assembly. Would you like to know more about our working method? Please contact us and we will send you a free quote.

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We supply the best plastic window frames for the lowest price

For more than 20 years we have been one of the leading companies in the Netherlands. Not for nothing! We make sure that all our agreements are kept. Payment is always after perfect assembly. As a result, you are assured that no unfinished business is left behind...!

Discover the advantages of Schuco window frames

With frames from Schuco, you choose quality for life. Discover why it is better to choose Schuco. Benefit from all the advantages that plastic window frames can offer, including perfect assembly.

Schuco front door own production

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