The best plastic rear door

Replace your rear door with a plastic one? The back door is the most commonly used window frame for most people. Precisely for this reason quality is very important. After all, not everyone is always careful when opening or closing it. The rear door has to be sturdy to survive gusts of wind or slamming.

The back door must also be able to withstand burglars. That is why a plastic back door from Schuco is the best solution for all problems.

Plastic rear doors from EA-Plastic Technology are heavily burglar-resistant and have a thickness of 70 mm. EA-Kunststoftechniek does not supply panel doors that are filled with Styrofoam. The doors are made-to-measure quality doors.

Our doors never pull crooked or warped, and are equipped with a robust three-point locking system. During the production process, the doors are weighted and reinforced with a steel frame. Afterwards, all doors are provided with the Police Hallmark Safe Living hardware. Qualitatively heavier plastic doors are nowhere available.

Both our front and back doors are doors that burglars prefer to ignore because they are extra burglar-resistant and very difficult to force. They provide maximum insulation and you never have to paint them again. For every style and every design there is the perfect door to choose from.

Would you like to know more about our robust and burglar-resistant doors? Look here for all plastic rear doors or ask directly for the best price. Our advisor will be happy to tell you more about it.

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