Of course art saves you on quality. But bear in mind that you only buy plastic window frames once. Often the savings are minimal. And that while you will be confronted with your savings for the rest of your life


Why save when you can buy the best quality window frames at the lowest price? Make your window frame renovation a real home improvement and enjoy the quality of Schuco plastic window frames.

Lowest price

With us you pay the lowest price for window frames including assembly. It is not for nothing that we offer a total package of benefits, such as free advice, perfect assembly and payment afterwards. Would you like to know more? Give us a call!


Always the lowest price for the best quality

When you buy new window frames, the price is usually the first thing you look at. Logical, but this should not be the first criterion. With us, quality stands at 1. And then of course we offer the best window frames at the lowest price. Our assembly is also carried out carefully. Everything is installed according to guidelines from VKG, KOMO and Schuco International.

The lowest price for quality

Would you also like to know how much plastic window frames cost for your home? Then make an appointment without obligation to receive the lowest possible price for Schuco-mounted plastic window frames. Always the best price!
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Plastic front door prices

Looking for a plastic front door for the best price? Get to know our own production doors

Front doors

Plastic doors from our own production line are better, sturdier and cheaper than door panels.
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Plastic sliding doors

If you want a beautiful sliding door, Schuco makes beauty affordable for any budget.

Sliding doors prices

Sliding doors also have large price differences. But if quality also comes first, only one is the cheapest!
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Schuco window frames

Quality makes all the difference. Choose the most durable solution with window frames from Schuco

Durable window frames

Schuco makes the most durable window frames. Lifelong maintenance free!
The best price?

How are prices of plastic window frames calculated?

A frequently asked question is how the price of plastic window frames is constructed. It is logical that moving parts are more expensive than fixed windows. Grids and other things also have an additional price. So far all very understandable. In addition, there are various ways to assemble window frames. Also clear. But how do the big price differences arise between all suppliers?

Price difference in model

Of course there is a difference in price when there are more moving parts in your frame. For example, a plastic frame consisting of three parts with one, two or even three tilt&turn windows do not have the same price. Also the dimensions of different frames are logically different. It is still possible to work with HR++ glass, but also with tripple HR++ glass. This is followed by items such as wood grain on the inside, outside, stop due to adjusting frames and all other items that influence the price of plastic window frames.

The price differences explained

Companies that work with representatives also charge different prices. First of all, representatives are expensive. Often they receive about 5 to 10% of your purchase amount. In addition, they often drive expensive company cars. This is another cost item that you as a consumer have to pay. And above we already mentioned that assembly can differ. A company that places less well by, for example, cladding your wooden window frames is quicker to assemble, and can therefore charge lower prices. Suppliers can also make considerable savings on the hinges and locks. Just like on the quality of the window frames themselves. For example, a brand that uses less plastic parts, or less thick steel. 

Don't save on quality

Just to clarify: "these are essential things you shouldn't save on!"!
It is better to look for a good supplier who will point you in the right direction. Then you can at least consciously choose where you want to settle for less and where you do not. Large facades such as sliding doors, doors and extremely large window frames cannot be fitted properly if one of the above items is cut back, and you are guaranteed to find these savings again at a later stage. We have already experienced with other suppliers that within a year certain windows or doors do not close properly anymore. 

We do not take over any guarantee from window frames placed by third parties. Only if we have delivered and installed the window frames ourselves can we give a maximum guarantee of 20 years. Would you like to know more about our installation method? Feel free to contact us, so that we can advise you in the best possible way. We also guarantee the lowest price for everything we deliver and assemble. And the payment? That is of course afterwards. In this way you avoid being the next distressing example that has to be solved through the driving judge.