Plastic front doors from Schuco

The frame that deserves most attention is of course the front door. First of all, it has to give it the look you want. In doing so, the plastic front door must fit in with the style of your home, and finally, the front door must be sturdy, safe, strong and durable.

Schuco offers all these possibilities in its plastic front doors. For example, the hinges and locks are equipped with SKG*** to ensure that burglars do not have the opportunity to enter your home.

The charisma

Schuco has also thought about the appearance. With more than 100 models and various front doors, there is certainly a suitable plastic front door for every wish and type of home. You can choose to give the front door a wood grain so that even a seasoned carpenter can no longer see that you have a plastic front door.

There is also no lack of durability with Schuco front doors. Each component has been tested hundreds of times for possible weaknesses so that we can be sure that your new front door will last for years without maintenance. Schuco plastic door frames are fitted with the hardest steel to ensure that they will last a lifetime and provide security against burglars for life.

Always replace doors with frame included

In order to install a plastic door correctly, it is also necessary to replace the entire surrounding frame. Otherwise, we would have to fit a plastic door in a wooden frame, which of course cannot be the intention of a good renovation.

Front door with side light

It may happen that the whole frame of your door consists of the door itself, with a side light next to it. In such a case, everything is replaced. So the complete plastic door with side light. The advantage is that you can choose a different layout, for example more glass, or more closed, door in the middle or not... This is often well discussed with the mechanic who comes to measure. If you opt for more glass, you can also opt for milk glass so that light enters the room.

Plastic front doors with letterbox

We often hear that a letterbox cannot be mounted in a front door. That's not true. Even in a door panel a letterbox can be mounted, but the door panel gets weaker as a result. It is better to choose a front door from our own production. These are more solid, and in such a door a letterbox can be mounted safely without compromising the quality of the door. In any case, we recommend choosing a door from our own production line, because these are more sturdy, burglar-proof and colourfast than all other doors.

Plastic doors images

Would you like to see some examples of homemade plastic doors? See below some installed doors. Do you have an idea of what your new door should look like? That is also possible. We can make almost any door you have in mind. Please contact us for more information.

Break-in safe

With a plastic front door you reduce the risk of burglary by up to 95%. A safe feeling, we think. Also get acquainted with Schuco plastic front doors. We will be happy to help you.