Schuco sliding doors

Schuco plastic sliding doors

Schuco has continued to develop itself to the maximum in terms of convenience and comfort. This is precisely why Schuco is the market leader and trendsetter for your new plastic sliding doors.

Nowadays, only lifting sliding doors are supplied. Because the quality of the sliding tilt doors has developed considerably in recent years, the difference in quality has become so great that the sliding tilt doors have completely disappeared from the market, except for suppliers who stayed behind.

Of course we can still make tipping doors, but only if the total width does not exceed approx. 2 meters. Up to 2 metres, a tilting door is still a good alternative as a replacement for, for example, a rear door with side light.

In all other cases we prefer the lift-slide variant.

Schuco Easy slide sliding door

The Easy Slide Schüco Corona CT 70 HS is a construction based on the Schüco Corona CT 70 system. With thermally separated sliding door thresholds and reinforcement profiles, the Easy Slide guarantees the highest insulation values.

The threshold of the sliding gate has been carefully composed so that there is an airtight decoupling between inside and outside. This new sealing system therefore ensures maximum wind and driving rain tightness and optimum sound insulation. It goes without saying that all closing and sealing systems meet the highest requirements in terms of burglary protection and safety.

All Schuco Easy slide sliding doors can be supplied in any colour.

Schuco Easy Slide

Schuco Thermoslide sliding doors

Still need more insulation? Or perhaps the construction of your home prefers an even more solid, durable and stronger option?

Then Schuco also has the thermoslide sliding doors. The very best option which is also very suitable for even larger doors. Think of total dimensions of 5 meters or more.

This thermoslide sliding door is also professionally assembled and finished by us for lifetime maintenance free.

The thermoslide sliding door is very suitable for tripple HR++ glass batches.

The thermoslide sliding doors can also be supplied in all colours. Ask our advisor for more information.

Price Schuco sliding doors

A frequently asked question is of course: What does a Schuco sliding door cost? Or what is the price of Schuco sliding doors? Of course the size is important, as is the type of sliding door. The price of our most popular sliding doors, including assembly and guarantee, is around € 4900 for a size of approximately 3 metres wide and 2 metres high.

Schuco Haaksbergen always prefers total prices. For example, we prefer to give a price including full assembly and finishing. As a result, we know for sure that everything will be done as expected. That is why we can give a 20 year guarantee on our plastic sliding doors from Schuco.

Double sliding doors

Of course, a house can also divide a large opening into several compartments. Think, for example, of a 4-bay division. In such a case, a sliding door can be chosen in 4 sections.

This is actually a double sliding door. The entire facade often consists of 2 sliding parts that can be opened independently of each other.

As shown on the right, this facade consists of a double sliding door, or 4-part sliding door.

In this case, the choice has been made to be able to slide out the middle parts

The advantages of a double sliding door are:

  • large opening in the middle
  • no loss of space both outside and inside
  • can't shut
  • open with 2 fingers
  • good insulating (if closed)

Price 4 piece sliding door

The prices of such a double sliding door including assembly and other work start from € 6000 Euro.

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